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Nostalgie - Gefunden per Zufall

Beitrag von fnordsenator » Sonntag 31. Januar 2010, 23:21


³ Ahles C-64 Service Brings ³


³± Philippe C-64 Pack #001 ±³


³ AHLES - Cool Legality ³



Here it is: The C-64 Pack #1 from Philippe. Most games work with a C-64 emula-

tor. However, you should rather copy the stuff to your old mate called VC1541

and enjoy the games on an original C=64. Thanks to all C-64 fans on the Inter-

net for providing me with some long wanted games and tools. Read C64INDEX.TXT!


You need a driver, some C-64 or some Hebrew stuff? Contact Philippe on a board

he's on or on the IRC.


Greetings to: Philippe Ahles (I won't ever forget you.)

Manuel Rebsamen (I was far too busy, sorry!)

Lorenzo Vizzini (Looking forward to 72MB main memory.)

Dark Moon (Hope to hear from you again.)

Excalibur (Finally my USR works with V34+!)

Magic Design (Pity your board's down.)

Synoptic (Check for damn viruses with AVP!)

All my old C64/Amiga friends which know me better as SPARTACUS

of SLAVE (SCG). Most remembered ones were Krokodil and Zorlac.

Amiga-fellows may also know me as MANUEL or HAUKE HAIEN.

Philippe of At High Level Extremely Superior signs off...Over and out. Bye. CU!
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sign of life

Beitrag von zorlac » Freitag 1. April 2011, 23:01

hey spartacus

zorlac is here!